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Highlighter depends on MozAfterPaint to detect that the size or position of an element has changed


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This is a problem with DLBI (bug 539356) since we never promised to fire MozAfterPaint for changes to invisible elements (and we already don't in some cases, e.g. offscreen elements). DLBI makes the browser_inspector_invalidate.js test fail because the DIV whose width is changed is invisible; nothing gets repainted, so we don't fire MozAfterPaint.
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fix test

There's nothing special about these changes so asking for cjones to give a quick review now.

If there are any issues, I'll fix them after this.
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This patch makes the test pass, but there's still a bug where highlighting invisible elements won't necessarily update promptly when the invisible element size or position changes (and nothing else does).

Right now I'm not sure how to fix that. We don't have a good API to detect such changes. It might be good enough to simply use setTimeout or mozRequestAnimationFrame and poll for changes.
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fix test

post hoc r+ from me. Thanks for this.
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