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Privacy policy link is 404


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Not set


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Firefox 23
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1) Install Firefox 16.0 beta (russian build in my case)
2) Open about: page
3) Tap on "Privacy policy"

Expected result: Browser opens 

Actual result: Browser opens which is 404.
Assignee: nobody → michaelkohler
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Assignee: michaelkohler → nobody
Component: General → ru / Russian
Product: Firefox for Android → Mozilla Localizations
Version: Trunk → unspecified
Aaron, are you sure this is only ru/Russian?

Firefox for Android uses .

A quick test showed that replacing %LOCALE% with the following strings leads to a 404 too.

Component: ru / Russian → General
Product: Mozilla Localizations → Firefox for Android
Assignee: nobody → michaelkohler
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I didn't find any localized page of the privacy page, so I hardcoded it to en-US.
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I don't what the correct URL is that we should use here. Lawrence/Ricky, do you know? (Hopefully you're the right people to ask - I got your names from your comments in the similar bug 702319)
I would know for SUMO but not for CCing Rik and pmac
AFAIK, is the correct link. I'm not aware of a mobile version of this page. Perhaps a useful request to make.

cc Jishnu for comment.
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Patch v1

I'll assume this is the correct URL to use since I haven't seen any comments saying otherwise.
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I looks to me like might be the best URL. I'm adding Ben Sternthal as I think he might know more.
The link from #c7 is the one that desktop Aurora uses, and claims to be where translations will be posted when they're available.
Adding feedback request to Jishnu to get definitive answer. I can speculate here but I'd rather get the correct pages confirmed with legal.
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Patch v1

Removing r+ for now until Jishnu can confirm the URL.
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Hi there - is the current Fx PP - there's no mobile version - working on this now
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For clarity:

We're likely deprecating in favor of, but, within our products, we should link directly to the product's privacy policy (in this case
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Patch v1

Michael, looks like the URL to use is according to comment 12. Thanks!
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Closed: 9 years ago
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According to comment 12 the link is: on Firefox for Android 23.0a1(2013-05-12).
Duplicate of this bug: 874888
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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