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chrome-document-global-created may fire for the initial about:blank load in a docshell


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See bug 608669 comment 13 onwards.
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Blocks: 608669
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You're not checking that the about:blank is the initial about:blank document.

(And IMO this is wrong approach anyway. What if there won't be anything else but the initial document. )
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How can I check for whether this is the initial about:blank?
(In reply to :Ehsan Akhgari from comment #3)
> How can I check for whether this is the initial about:blank?

IIRC, the parser-created about:blank isn’t considered “initial”. The docshell created doc is. Here be dragons.
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Patch (v2)

I still don't understand this.
We should notify about *-document-global-created
when such global is created.

There are cases when stop is called immediately after creating an
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OK, I give up.  Please see bug 608669 comment 15 on what kinds of problems the current code creates.  If you open a new browser window for example, you do not expect to receive a notification for about:blank.

I'll leave it to Benoit to figure out what you want to see happen here, but the current behavior is clearly wrong.
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I would not be at all surprised if this turned out to be unfixable without fixing bug 543435 first.
Bug 829360 is another example where we were about to put some bugs in Firefox by using chrome-document-global-created.

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