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Improve image quality in image scaling (on mobile)


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The new image scaler is disabled on mobile. Tracking the work needed to be able to enable it here.
Depends on: 486918
At bare minimum, we need to be green on Try when enabling the scaler on mobile. However, I'd also like to see some numbers on how long it takes to run that scaler on a set of typical images on several phones (i.e., multicore, single core, ARMv6). It's possible that the delay between initial draw and high quality draw will be so long that it won't be worthwhile.
There's probably also the issue that the code that landed seemed to include a bunch of SSE/SSE2 or similar code, that isn't going to do us much good on mobile...

On the other hand, having good rescaling is probably even more important on mobile than on desktop.
The SSE code we imported is disabled because the SSE code is also disabled upstream.
Summary: Improve image quality in image scaling → Improve image quality in image scaling (on mobile)
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