reduce ONCRPC, memalloc, IdleService, and Gecko CC/GCC log spam



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Currently, logcat output is dominated by extremely verbose logging from a few modules.  Do we actually need all this logging?  Writing to the kernel ring buffer is not free to begin with, and it makes it very difficult to see actual useful logcat messages.  Even if we need all this logging, it would be nice to make it significantly less verbose (again, ring buffer is not free, and is finite in size anyway; useful stuff gets purged very quickly).


D/memalloc(  105): /dev/pmem: Allocated buffer base:0x4ab00000 size:307200 offset:4972544 fd:159
D/memalloc(  502): /dev/pmem: Mapped buffer base:0x44100000 size:5279744 offset:4972544 fd:23
D/memalloc(  105): /dev/pmem: Allocated buffer base:0x4ab00000 size:307200 offset:2822144 fd:158

I/ONCRPC  (  109): Setup RPC Call for task 4015e468
I/ONCRPC  (  109): oncrpc_xdr_call_msg_start: Prog: 30000012, Ver: 00040001, Proc: 00000028
I/ONCRPC  (  109): xdr_std_msg_send_call: Sent Xid: 100, Prog: 30000012, Ver: 00040001, Proc: 00000028
I/ONCRPC  (  109): xdr_std_msg_send_call: Received Reply Xid: 100, Prog: 30000012, Ver: 00040001, Proc: 00000028

I/IdleService(  105): next timeout 1349362445363072 usec (1000 msec from now)
I/IdleService(  105): SetTimerExpiryIfBefore: next timeout 1349362445363072 usec
I/IdleService(  105): reset timer expiry from 5644329721267545 usec to 1349362445373072 usec

E/GeckoConsole(  502):     Totals: Purge: 0.2ms, Mark: 19.9ms, Mark Roots: 3.1ms, Mark Weak: 0.1ms, Mark Gray: 0.7ms, Finalize Start Callback: 0.1ms, Sweep: 16.4ms, Sweep Atoms: 1.0ms, Sweep Compartments: 5.5ms, Sweep Tables: 3.2ms, Sweep Object: 5.2ms, Sweep String: 0.4ms, Sweep Script: 0.2ms, Sweep Shape: 2.6ms, Sweep Discard Code: 0.5ms, Discard Analysis: 1.5ms, Discard TI: 0.7ms, Free TI Arena: 0.1ms, Sweep Types: 0.4ms, Finalize End Callback: 1.5ms, End Callback: 7.3ms
E/GeckoConsole(  502): CC(T+0.0) duration: 55ms, suspected: 118, visited: 419 RCed and 414 GCed, collected: 113 RCed and 94
GCed (207 waiting for GC)
E/GeckoConsole(  502): ForgetSkippable 5 times before CC, min: 0 ms, max: 7 ms, avg: 2 ms, total: 13 ms, removed: 1095
E/GeckoConsole(  105): GC(T+0.0) Total Time: 45.3ms, Compartments Collected: 33, Total Compartments: 33, MMU (20ms): 0%, MMU (50ms): 9%, SCC Sweep Total: 11.5ms, SCC Sweep Max Pause: 3.9ms, Reason: CC_FORCED, Nonincremental Reason: requested, Allocated: 2MB, +Chunks: 4, -Chunks: 0

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8 months ago
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Last Resolved: 8 months ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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