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Enable gcc -Werror=conversion-null for gcc >= 4.5 for comm-central (port bug 778980)


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Thunderbird 19.0


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Apply this to comm-central if it is useful.

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #778980 +++

To make gcc's NULL/nullptr warnings fatal like clang's nullptr errors, we may want to add -Werror=conversion-null to Linux's CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS for gcc >= 4.5. (The -Wconversion-null flag was new in gcc 4.5.)

If a developer overlooks these gcc warnings, then they may not realize their code change will break the OS X's clang build until they push to the tryserver. This is a waste of developer time and tryserver resources.
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Here is the patch. Archaeopteryx, please try it on a try server (linux only is enough). I did not get any failures, but I compile with many components disabled.
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The build try server was done for Thunderbird only. Can anybody try Seamonkey?
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Thanks for the build.

There is a configure error:
configure: error: Unrecognized extension provided to --enable-extensions: venkman.

That does not seem caused by this patch.
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The first SeaMonkey run I got wrong, but the second should work:
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(and that's r+ assuming that run passes).
Now an "Internal server error" and another run with "abort: connection ended unexpectedly" ???
If you this happens during |hg pull -u|:
That happens often. The more changesets, the more likely. Just try again.
If they are blue, they'll automatically be re-run. The builds finished off red in stage-package, but that's because SM is expecting to package the extensions that I disabled (rather than having them pulled). So the actual compilations did pass. That's about the best we can do with SM on try server.
OK, thanks. So I take it that the build works.

If any breakage appears later please point me to it.
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Ryan, any reason you did not close this bug after check-in?
Nope, just forgot. Thanks.
Closed: 7 years ago
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