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NULL deref in ccsip_subsmanager.c:add_content()


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Not set





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eventBody has to be NULL on the first pass through the loop

I suspect we're never calling this code, currently, so impact is minimal.
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Signaling -  protect strlen from NULL input in add_content

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::: media/webrtc/signaling/src/sipcc/core/sipstack/ccsip_subsmanager.c
@@ +1511,5 @@
>          switch (eventData->type) {
>          case EVENT_DATA_RAW:
>              // Assume body is of type CMXML for now
>              (void) sippmh_add_message_body(request, eventBody, len,

Still wrong, as this assumes eventBody isn't null.  Probably should be some type of buffer or allocation.
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Signaling -  protect strlen from NULL input in add_content

You're right this function is broken.  Checking original as well as latest version.
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Broken during removal of libxml2 dependency  Original encodes the eventData in XML.

    while (eventData) {
        eventBody = xmlEncodeEventData(eventData);
        if (!eventBody) {
            CCSIP_DEBUG_ERROR(SIP_F_PREFIX"%s: Framing XML Body failed\n", fname1, fname);
            return (FALSE);
        len = strlen(eventBody);

I'm now considering #if 0 of the function body and returning FALSE.
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Signaling - Removed unused code that required XML handling

This function cannot be repaired without XML handling.  It is used in sipSPISendSubscribe, sipSPISendSubNotify, and sipSPISendPublish.  We could do something like this, or remove more of Sub/Pub/Notify.
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Should this have a test?
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No testsuite needed; the code has no way currently to call it (part of the SIP functionality not currently hooked up), and the solution to the bug caused by removing the XML config code was to stub this function out.
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