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Reenable WebGL index-validation.html test


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It was disabled by b3c814e2d015. It's not too bad, only the large-negative-value test is failing on 32bit machines. Regressed either in bug 732660 or with the porting to new bindings.
This was regressed by:

changeset:   109965:4c134de65570
user:        Benoit Jacob <>
date:        Thu Oct 11 14:23:34 2012 -0400
summary:     Bug 779611 - WebGL extensions should be [NoInterfaceObject] as their compliant IDL interface names would pollute the global object - r=bz
Erm, no, rather by

changeset:   109966:78c16f313547
user:        Benoit Jacob <>
date:        Thu Oct 11 15:23:03 2012 -0400
summary:     Bug 779611 - part 12: remove old-bindings remnants in the WebGL implementation - r=bz
Yeah OK I know what this almost certainly is --- the WebGLintptr typedef was changed to a typedef to GLintptr, and likely these were not actually the same.
OK, indeed: WebGLintptr was long long which is int64

GLintptr is ptrdiff_t.

Whence the bug on 32bit platforms
Again, the bug was that while most WebGL types are equal to the corresponding OpenGL type, some are different:

WebGLintptr is always long long (int64) in Web IDL while it is intptr_t in OpenGL

WebGLsizeiptr is the same

I also changed WebGLboolean to be bool, following Web IDL.

Also removed now-useless #include "WebGLContext.h" in nsDOMCI. And the #undef None there was almost certainly added there for it (X11 headers have a None macro) and affected WebGLContext.h (which has or used to have a None enum value somewhere). Removed too.

Reenabling the unit test.
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fix WebGL typedefs to reflect IDL types instead of being equal to OpenGL types

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Somehow, the part of that patch that actually reenables the test was dropped. Landed now:
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