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Rename the existing, Valgrind-based DMD as "DMDV"

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5 years ago
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5 years ago
I have a version of DMD that doesn't require Valgrind in the works (bug
717853).  My plan is for it to eventually obsolete the Valgrind-based one.
However, there will be a period of overlap where both tools are in use.  So
the point of this bug is to rename the Valgrind-based DMD as "DMDV".

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5 years ago
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Rename the existing, Valgrind-based DMD as "DMDV".

This patch renames DMD as DMDV.  Non-trivial aspects:

- It adds a new directory, tools/dmdv.  Careful checking of the
  and toolkit/* changes will be appreciated.

- It moves the existing dmd.h file from xpcom/base/ to tools/dmdv/dmdv.h, a
  much better place for it.  It also removes some trailing whitespace from
  that file.

- It adds tools/dmdv/dmdv.patch, which is the patch from bug 676724.
  Because I'm not planning to develop DMDV further, having it as a patch in
  the tree seems pretty reasonable.
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Rename the existing, Valgrind-based DMD as "DMDV".

Review of attachment 670692 [details] [diff] [review]:

I didn't look at this too closely, just assumed you knew what you were doing.
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5 years ago
You mean you didn't read dmdv.patch line by line?  I'm shocked :P

More seriously, hopefully you looked at the and toolkit/* changes at least a little bit.

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5 years ago

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5 years ago
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Rename the existing, Valgrind-based DMD as "DMDV".

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Needed for bug 717853, npotb, and anyway just a renaming.
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