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Steps to reproduce:

We are student of final year of Computer engineering in K.K.Wagh institute of engineering education and Research,India  

Actual results:

We want do our project in Final year of engineering in "Automatic bug classification system" referring the IEEE we want mozilla bug dataset.

Expected results:

we want mozilla bug dataset.we are attaching the reference paper
OK. You need to do the following things:

1) Give us the name and contact details of your supervisor, plus some evidence of who they are and that the contact details are genuine. E.g. you could reference their page on the university's official website and say "use the email address there". We will contact your supervisor to confirm the details of your project.

2) Print out, sign, scan and attach a copy of the following agreement.


Agreement for Receipt and Use of Bugzilla Data

Thank you for contacting us about using the Bugzilla database for the public
good. We are happy to work with you and provide access to you free of any

In exchange for receipt and right to use data from Mozilla’s Bugzilla system,
you agree to the following:

*you will only use the data for purposes that benefit the public in some way
and will not use the data for a purpose that harms users or violates any
applicable laws;

* you will not use the data to exploit or sell security flaws in any Mozilla
product or potential product, and will disclose first to Mozilla any security
flaws you do identify;

*you will not attempt to identify the source of the data or
otherwise seek to extract any personal information from the data, such as
correlating the data with other non-Mozilla data sources or otherwise seeking to determine the names or other personal information of those whose data is provided to you;

*you will not share or transfer the data to any third party.  If you want to
share the data with a collaborator, please have her/him contact Mozilla and sign
this agreement first.

*In the event you are acquired or cease operations or have a change of control,
all your rights to the data cease.

* Mozilla does not make any representations or warranties about the data and
you receive it on an AS-IS basis and acknowledge that by its nature it contains
bugs, viruses, and errors. Mozilla expressly disclaims any implied warranties
of non-infringement, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose,
and merchantability.  The UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods is
expressly disclaimed.

* Mozilla’s total aggregate liability under this agreement shall not exceed

* No agency or other relationship is created by this agreement.

* This Agreement shall be governed by California law without regard to its
conflict of law provisions. In the event of a dispute related to this
Agreement, you consent to the personal jurisdiction of California and agree not
to bring an action against Mozilla except in the state and federal courts of
California, USA.

Signed:  ______________________________
Name:    ______________________________
Date:      ______________________________

Nature and Purpose of Data Use:
  As per your requirement we are attaching agreement copy to use bugzilla mozilla dataset. We mentioned project name along with project guide name and project members. 
  our project guide details
  Name: Dhananjay M. Kanade
  College name: K K Wagh Institute Of Engineering Education And Research,      Nashik-422003, Maharashtra,India
  University: University Of Pune
  contact no: +91 9850981999
  College Website:
  Here you can verify the details of project guide.

  please provide mozilla bugzilla dataset as early as possible.
  thank you.
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Hi, Mangesh -

Thanks for your interest. I'm working on compiling this information for a number of interested parties; it should be available in a week or two. I'll keep you informed, and if you have any other questions please let me know, either in this bug or directly via email.

I'm looking forward to reading your results!

- mhoye
thank you sir...
  please send us mozilla dataset as early as possible.

I have good news: a sanitized MySQL dump of the Bugzilla database is available here:

This is a MySQL dump of the contents of Bugzilla, as of January 2nd of this year. The above link goes to temporary hosting until a permanent solution can be put in place. Though the contents of this data set have been sanitized, with HR, legal and open security issues removed (~6.3% of the total), this dataset is otherwise Bugzilla's entire contents, minus attachments.

I will update this bug with the relevant information once permanent hosting is found.


- mhoye
Ever confirmed: true
Hello Mhoye,

Thanks for sharing bugzilla MySql Dump. I have started downloading both the files from provided temporary repository. Once it get downloaded I will update you on the same Ticket.

Kind Regards,
Hello Mike Hoye,

I successfully downloaded bugzilla Mysql dump, but file you provided is too large
so it couldn't be loaded in our system. so please resend dataset of size upto 
20-30 MB as early as possible.

Kind Regards,
Unfortunately, this is what we can provide at this point. However, since SQL dumps are just text files, you should be able to split out 20-30MB MB worth of bugs from the provided dump with widely-available tools.
This is done.

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