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Make it a compile error to pass a non-literal to NS_LITERAL_{,C}STRING


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Right now, if you pass a non-literal to NS_LITERAL_{C,}STRING, your code may compile.  But it will not behave properly.

I think I have a trick to make this error a compile-time error.  Not to keep you in suspense unnecessarily, but let me write the patch.
This was not what I initially had in mind, but I think it works.

Misuse of NS_LITERAL_STRING was already a compile error anywhere that we have wide literal strings, because NS_LITERAL_STRING("foo") expanded in part to |u"foo"| or |L"foo"|, which doesn't work if "foo" isn't a literal.  But NS_LITERAL_CSTRING has no such constraint.

While I'm here, I'd really like to make it possible to do

  NS_LITERAL_STRING("foo" "bar").

Right now this doesn't work because we append the "u" or "L", and we have (u"foo" "bar"), which fails to compile because we're appending a wide string with a narrow string.  I tried making the macro do u("foo" "bar"), but that fails to compile too.

I guess we could make NS_LITERAL_STRING a function in order to make this work?  I didn't do that because my C++-fu is not strong enough to understand the implications of doing so.
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Patch v1

Why introduce the internal namespace? Can't those functions just live in mozilla:: ?
(In reply to Benjamin Smedberg  [:bsmedberg] from comment #6)
> Comment on attachment 672302 [details] [diff] [review]
> Patch v1
> Why introduce the internal namespace? Can't those functions just live in
> mozilla:: ?

I didn't want to expose a new global function, because I didn't think anyone else would care to use it.  (It is also, as currently written, tricky to call GetWStringLength correctly, since it doesn't always exist.)

I'd rather do mozilla::internal_to_literalstrings_h (or whatever), but I understood the consensus of a newsgroup thread some months ago to be that we'd use mozilla::internal for this sort of thing.

I'm happy to move the functions to mozilla:: if you think that would be better.
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