Closed Bug 803126 Opened 10 years ago Closed 8 years ago has broken sniffing for the prefix to use with "transform", ends up trying to set "trueTransform"


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Windows 7
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(firefox16-, firefox17-, firefox18-, firefox19-)

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Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:16.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/16.0 ID:20121010144125

This problem happens since Bug 745523 landing.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open

Actual results:
Sound is played back as expected.
However, no graphics is not drawn.
Summary: Graphics is not drawn → Graphics is not drawn due to unprefix css3 transforms on certain site
Looks like the usual "Assume things are prefixed" thing.  For example:

            function a() {
                var a = b("transform"),
                    c = a + "Perspective" in || n;
                return a ? {
                    vendor: a,
                    Kb: c
                } : n
            function b(a) {
                var c = document.createElement("div"),
                    b = ["Khtml", "Ms", "O", "Moz", "Webkit"],
                    d = b.length;
                if (a in return k;
                for (a = a.replace(/^[a-z]/, function (a) {
                    return a.toUpperCase()
                }); d--;) if (b[d] + a in return b[d];
                return n

So b("transform") will return k.  k is the JS value true.  That will then test for "truePerspective" in, end up with false, and set "vendor" to true and "Kb" to n.  n is false.

Then this will go through and do things like set document.documentElement.className to "vendortrue" and worse yet get to this.wb which does:

        this.wb = function (b) {
            if (a.N) {
                var c = a.N.vendor + "Transform",
                    d = O.ta(b.Sa, b.Ta);
      [c] = d
            } else {
       = b.Ta + "px";
       = b.Sa + "px"
            b.$ = b.Sa;
            b.aa = b.Ta

which will try to set "trueTransform" on, which will of course do absolutely nothing.

Looks pretty similar to the script we saw in bug 790915, actually.
Summary: Graphics is not drawn due to unprefix css3 transforms on certain site → Graphics is not drawn
Summary: Graphics is not drawn → has broken sniffing for the prefix to use with "transform", ends up trying to set "trueTransform"
Dbaron, if this is pretty similar to what we say in bug 790915 and I'm reading your comment correctly, then it seems that we actually don't have to track this and that this becomes a tech evangelism issue - is that correct or am I missing something?
Assignee: nobody → dbaron
I mailed the Google folks about this, by the way.
Assignee: dbaron → english-us
Component: Style System (CSS) → English US
Product: Core → Tech Evangelism
Version: 16 Branch → unspecified
This isn't a critical website regression so we'll untrack, people will have to do outreach/evangelism on this but we won't block a release on it.
So what I know so far is that both this site and the site in bug 790915 were apparently done by the same company: B-Reel. for the Google end of this.

So what we should probably do is contact them and find out what other things they've done, since I bet everything they've done will break this way.  :(

I can't tell whom to contact from their contact page.  Lukas, do you think you can get hold of someone who knows how to talk to outfits like this and get them to do it?
Johnny, do you know how we can get someone who can deal with this to look at it?
Confirmation that there is still no graphics there. Moving this to Desktop.
Assignee: english-us → kdubost
Component: English US → Desktop
Whiteboard: [webkitjs] [country-all]
Now renders like in Chrome for me - was it fixed?
Flags: needinfo?(kdubost)
With Firefox 32 on Desktop 
Going to
Redirect to

I don't hear any sounds, but all graphics seem to be displayed as planned.
Maybe the Web site changed since the initial design.

We don't have screenshots.
But if I go to

We can note that the site was different. This section doesn't exist anymore. 
Let's close as INVALID.
Closed: 8 years ago
Flags: needinfo?(kdubost)
Resolution: --- → INVALID
Product: Tech Evangelism → Web Compatibility
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