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Iframe shouldn't override a sub document role

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We were asked to not propagate the role from iframe to sub document. Rich said:

"The problem is that when you have an IFrame, the role attribute applied to the IFrame is applied to the child document contained within the IFrame. This creates two problems:

1. If the author applies a navigation landmark on the IFrame Firefox copies it over the role of the child document. We have a situation in our cloud based office suite where Firefox is doing this.
2. If the author has actually set a role on the child document contained within the IFrame and the author had applied a role to it (such as role="application") it will be overridden.

This is very problematic as it breaks interoperability."

"We discussed it today and we think it is a huge mistake to be overriding the roles a author sets in web content in the browser when mapping to the accessibility API."

The behavior was introduced in bug 419416. Example and document link that could clarify the need to this behavior don't work anymore. I think it's reasonable to follow Rich's suggestion.
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Aaron won't like this (I recall discussion from years ago) but I think this is the right thing to do as per comment 0.
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5 years ago
(In reply to David Bolter [:davidb] from comment #1)

> Aaron won't like this (I recall discussion from years ago) but I think this
> is the right thing to do as per comment 0.

I'd love to hear another point of view. Personally I don't have opinion this since I don't have valid usecases. We were asked to change it and arguments were reasonable so I meet them half-way.

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