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fullscreen window.innerHeight broken on OSX


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firefox19 - affected


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When going fullscreen on a Mac with a 1680x1050 display, window.innerHeight reports 974, and not 1050.  On Win7, on a 1920x1200 display, innerHeight is correctly 1200.

There's a simple testcase for this at .

Note that bug 712225 might be relevant -- that also has a similar testcase at (move the mouse to get the numbers to update).

We should fix this and figure out what it affects, as it can have a pretty huge impact on gaming viability (since fullscreen elements need to be resized to get 1:1 pixel ratio).
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What you're seeing is the "mozfullscreenchange" event firing before the transition to fullscreen is complete. Specifically before the window manager believes the chrome menubar is hidden.

If you check window.inner* after the "mozfullscreenchange" event (as this attached testcase does) you'll see we return the correct value at some time after "mozfullscreenchange".

I was working in bug 756334 to address delay dispatching "mozfullscreenchange" until the transition was complete, but got bogged down with mochitest timeouts on tinderbox. It may be a month or two before I get back to working on that...
Is this a regression? Why should we track for FF19 specifically?
This is not a regression. This issue has existed for as long as we've had a fullscreen API.
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