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[Contacts] Apply BB to the value selectors


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VAlue selectors should be as it is specified in tbe BB.
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Component: Gaia → Gaia::Contacts
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Whiteboard: Visual design
yes they should. including Steve P on this as i feel it is more a visual design touchpoint.
Keywords: polish
Whiteboard: Visual design → visual design
Whiteboard: visual design → visual design UX-P1
Just FYI: There's a relevant bug on this, here:

Rafa and Sergi were also cc'd on the parallel email thread, subject: "The behavior of value selector has been changed". We had to shift how value selectors work in v1 for technical reasons.
Whiteboard: visual design UX-P1 → visual design, UX-P1
Whiteboard: visual design, UX-P1 → visual design, UX-P2
Assignee: nobody → pacorampas
Depends on: 1080458
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patch in github


We are working for applying the value selector for contacts. We have attached a screenshot with the after and before. With this patch is all working fine but there is a error: "mozL10n: A non-existing entity requested: #type_l10n_id#" when the edit mode is opened. We couldn't find the issue, could you help us?
Also, could you give us your feedback about the patch in general?

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patch in github

Jose I'm a bit overloaded, could you take a look?

Specially to the critical path, I think we will be loading more resources at startup and that can penalize our cold start time.
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patch in github

This patch news much more work on various aspects:

A/ Carrie and Fang to give us the ok to the interaction and visual proposal you are making here. 

B/ If they give us the ok, then you should file a new bug to modify building blocks.

C/ The concerned CSS files to implement that design should be lazy loaded

D/ I left other substantive comments on GH, concerning the code organization

thanks Paco. needinfo-ing Carrie and Fang to know their opinions
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I wonder what's the difference between the attached pic and the current implementation on my device (master build)? It's using the correct bb on my flame already (looks exactly the same as your "After"). Thanks!
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Excuse me carrie, you are right in comment 8. The after was before and before was after hehehe. I have updated the screenshot with correct after/before label.
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ni? Harly for building block issue. Thanks!
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The input field is not following the building block. We need Harly's input on this one. Thanks!
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After discussion with the Framework team, since currently we don't have "value selector with input field as an item" in our standard Building Blocks. Therefore, it is not suggested to make a hack version of value selector. The team proposed to use a standard value selector, and when user taps "Custom", it will trigger an input dialog for user to input custom tag name.
Flags: needinfo?(hhsu)
Blocks: 994991
Whiteboard: visual design, UX-P2 → visual design, UX-P2, ux-most-wanted-nov2014
Depends on: 1102134
Hey Harly, could you please review that again with the framework team?
Please check: (3rd example: inputs)

As we discussed in the past value selectors and action menus are to strict, so we created object menu as a way to implement more flexible modal structures.
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Attached image 2014-11-23-08-36-07.png
Hi Arnau, 
Thanks for bringing this up. Currently in our Building Blocks, it is defined that Object menus are accessed using a "press-and-hold" gesture on a selectable object ( Which in this case, doesn't fit this scenario. Also, due to the fact that in the edit contact page, the "Home", "Personal" and "Birthday" fields all use a triangle at the bottom right corner to indicate that it should trigger a value selector when pressed(please refer to the attach screenshot). Therefore, the Framework team suggested that it should trigger a value selector first, and then when user selects "Custom", it then opens an input dialog for user to input custom tag. Hope this answer your question.
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Paco, you should create a new patch following Harly's comment, please.
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Hi Harly,

Regarding your comment 12, could you check if you want this?

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Hi Paco,
Thank you for making the modification, I just have 2 comments here:
1. Are you using a standard value selector like the one defined here ( Because, typically a single select value selector will only have a cancel button at the bottom, but the screenshot you've provided have cancel and done button. 

2. Another thing is that could you remove the chevron (>) on the right side of create custom? We don't really a pattern of a chevron within value selector now.

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Attached image tag-select-contacts.png
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Hi, could you recheck this?
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Paco, all looks good to me, I just have one question. After tapping the done button in "edit custom" page, does it go back to the edit contact page? or the "custom selected" page?
(In reply to Harly Hsu from comment #21)
> Paco, all looks good to me, I just have one question. After tapping the done
> button in "edit custom" page, does it go back to the edit contact page? or
> the "custom selected" page?
You go back to "edit contact page". Is it ok?
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Yes, that's just what I wanted. Thanks.
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patch in github v2

Hi Cantera, could you review this?
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Whiteboard: visual design, UX-P2, ux-most-wanted-nov2014 → visual design, UX-P2, ux-most-wanted-nov2014, 2x-uxnom
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Assignee: pacorampas → nobody
Harly - do you know if this is still an issue? Thanks!
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Whiteboard: visual design, UX-P2, ux-most-wanted-nov2014, 2x-uxnom → visual design, UX-P2, ux-tracking
Hi Tiff, the issue still exists in the current contact app.
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Whiteboard: visual design, UX-P2, ux-tracking → visual design, UX-P2, ux-tracking, 2.6UXnom
Firefox OS is not being worked on
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