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Decide whether gfx3DMatrix is to be used only for layout or as a general 3D matrix


(Core :: Graphics, defect)

Not set




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gfx3DMatrix has special optimizations for layout cases, such as the one done in bug 681858, that make it relatively slow as a general 3D matrix class. See that bug for a good example.

But, probably due to its name, it is being used as a 3D matrix class: see bug 775469.

There's a problem here. Assuming that we want to keep gfx3DMatrix the way it is, with it's 2d/layout specific optimizations, maybe we should rename it to make that more explicit, and then evaluate whether we have a need for a generalist 3D matrix.
Hm, bug 775469 is a bad example as it actually is a layers use case there.
Instead of introducing a new class, I think it would make more sense to introduce additional operators that don't do the Is2D checks (if you have evidence those are a performance issue).
Component: Canvas: WebGL → Graphics
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