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Do a better job handling failure in JSCompartment::wrap


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firefox18 --- affected
firefox19 --- fixed
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b2g18 --- wontfix


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Since bug 793904, we're supposed to crash intentionally if a brain transplant fails. However, I realized that I missed a few cases where a brain transplant happens, so this patch adds some more MOZ_CRASH calls.

However, these extra calls make us crash during a JS reftest that uses up lots of stack and causes the recursion check in JSCompartment::wrap to fail. I considered taking out the recursion check, but it still seems useful given that PreCreate hooks could conceivably cause recursive wrap() calls. So instead I just gave the wrap() call a little extra C stack to work with than the rest of the engine gets. I think this makes sense, given how important it is that brain transplants succeed.

Note that C stack limit we use is a made-up number that's conservative, so we should have some leeway to exceed it as long as we don't go too far.
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I'm going to mark this as sec-other, as bug 793904 wasn't a security bug. Feel free to mark it high or crit if you want this to be tracked more by CritSmash.
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Makes sense; nice compromise.
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