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Create bookmarklet to simplify the TBPL -> 'viewing job on the buildbot master' workflow


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Currently to view a job on the buildbot master, my workflow is:
1) Find job on TBPL
2) Use self-serve link on TBPL
3) Search running builds list on self-serve for job in question & open the page of form
4) Grab the buildbot master hostname from "claimed_by_name"
5) Work out the port from memory or else cross referencing against
6) Navigate through the buildmaster's list of builders to find the job I want (extremely slow since the grid takes ages to load)

The above could be replaced entirely by a bookmarklet that can be run from TBPL when the job is selected.
Attached file Bookmarket v1 (obsolete) —
Attached file Bookmarket v1 - minified (obsolete) —
To use, open the attachment in the browser, select-all & drag onto the bookmarks toolbar.
Note: This doesn't currently support completed jobs, since whilst TBPL stores the buildbot ID in its DB, the UI only has access to the TBPL run ID, once a job has completed. The rebuild button in TBPL currently guesses as to buildbot ID by matching against similar buildernames for that revision (which is sufficient for rebuilds, since we aren't worried about getting the correct job if there were several of them the same).

For v2, we could either try to do something similar (but wouldn't help if there were two identical jobs on that push; unless we start trying to match against datetime), or else alter TBPL to surface the buildbot ID in the UI.
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Another option would be to use<branch>/<revision>?format=json

It's a per-revision list of jobs I built before self-serve, which would give you access to builds in all states (although it doesn't make sense to link anywhere for pending). There's a html view like the pending/running lists too , just leave off the format arg. If there's anything missing from the data we could look at adding it.
Attached patch Bookmarket v2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Now supports running+completed (also attempts pending; given that the TBPL UI may just not have updated yet & the job could in fact be running).
Attachment #679702 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attached file Bookmarket v2.1
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* Open the minified attachment in-browser.
* Select all & then drag to bookmarks toolbar.
* Use bookmark when on TBPL with a job selected (and connected to BuildVPN).
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Nice! If you get 404's for older jobs that's just the master cleanup for jobs more than 4 days old.
(In reply to Nick Thomas [:nthomas] from comment #9)
> Nice! If you get 404's for older jobs that's just the master cleanup for
> jobs more than 4 days old.

Ah, I didn't know that cleanup happened, thank you.

I've added that to the error message in my local copy; I'll hold off updating the attachments here until such time as further changes need to be made.
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