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remove pango text-shaping codepath


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Now that we've enabled harfbuzz for all text shaping on Linux (in bug 797398), we can remove the older code path that uses pango to shape text runs, and simplify the Linux font backend accordingly. (This is somewhat tied up with the fontconfig-based font matching code, which we'll still need to use, so it may not be an entirely simple excision.)

I don't propose doing this immediately; we should leave the old code in place for a while until bug 797398 has shipped to the release channel (it's currently in mozilla19) and we're confident in the results.
It's been several cycles since we flipped the pref; I think it's time to say goodbye to the codepath we're no longer using.
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We won't be removing the dependency on libpango as gtk+ will pull in this library anyway and we'll need to keep some pango code to get system font metrics from gtk+.
Summary: remove pango text-shaping codepath and eliminate dependency on libpango → remove pango text-shaping codepath
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Can we also drop the use of PangoLanguage (and just use our gecko language codes to label fontsets where needed), or is that not feasible at the moment?
Font selection (gfxPangoFontGroup) still uses pango_language_includes_script() which uses mPangoLanguage.  Perhaps there are some other parts of the code that can be moved from a PangoLanguage to nsIAtom, since Gecko language atoms are (sometimes or always?) now languages instead of langGroups, but that requires more thought and is independent from the shaping code.
Fair enough; let's just do this for now. Thanks!
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