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5 years ago
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5 years ago
Currently we have the crashes on win64 builds and win32 builds mixed together in crash-stats. This isn't very useful, because

1) we don't support the win64 builds
2) sometimes win64-only crashes end up polluting the topcrash list and cause confusion.

I'd like us to separate out the win64 builds as a separate queryable "platform" in the various reports.

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5 years ago
Also: this is probably a P3 for me and it is not urgent.
Note that we also mingle Linux32 and Linux64 together.

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5 years ago
Hmm, if we do that, IMHO, we need to do the same for every platform, e.g. also Linux. And then, why do we have both an OS and a CPU arch field? (I might add that the OS field is actually the OS the build is running on, while the CPU Arch is actually the architecture the build was created for - I don't think we display the OS the build was made for at all...)

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5 years ago
ok, let's try again. My goal is so that the crash-stats UI mostly ignores win64, since we don't support them and they cause confusion. They should not be included in prominent topcrash lists, nor should we prominently care about the crash rates. I don't care *how* we do that. I really don't that just because we separate win64 and win32 means we need to separate linux64 and linux32... we support and track them differently anyway.

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5 years ago
If we go that route, then we better stop building and uploading those builds completely, IMHO. We'd need to make metrics also exclude them from any ADU numbers they give us, or we can just throw away any crash rates right away.
time seems to have solved this one. please reopen if I'm mistaken
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