crash in morkRowObject::GetOid when importing



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5 years ago
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5 years ago
This bug was filed from the Socorro interface and is 
report bp-6db4d32d-0801-4c9d-9d27-fdcca2121021 .
"Trying to import my mail from Eudora 7.1. I understand from the forums that this is a major issue and no one has any answers. Could someone please look into this. I want to switch to Thunderbird, but if I can't get this to work, well.... Also, earlier I found out that emails were lost when I was testing this program and can't find anywhere they went to. Needless to say since I am using this for my business if I lose emails, I lose sales. Please help"

0	xul.dll	morkRowObject::GetOid	db/mork/src/morkRowObject.cpp:164
1	xul.dll	nsMsgHdr::nsMsgHdr	mailnews/db/msgdb/src/nsMsgHdr.cpp:30
2	xul.dll	nsMsgDatabase::CreateMsgHdr	mailnews/db/msgdb/src/nsMsgDatabase.cpp:781
3	xul.dll	nsMsgDatabase::CreateNewHdr	mailnews/db/msgdb/src/nsMsgDatabase.cpp:3384
4	xul.dll	nsMsgBrkMBoxStore::GetNewMsgOutputStream	mailnews/local/src/nsMsgBrkMBoxStore.cpp:663
5	xul.dll	nsEudoraMailbox::ImportMailboxUsingTOC	mailnews/import/eudora/src/nsEudoraMailbox.cpp:393
6	xul.dll	nsEudoraMailbox::ImportMailbox	mailnews/import/eudora/src/nsEudoraMailbox.cpp:233
7	xul.dll	ImportEudoraMailImpl::ImportMailbox	mailnews/import/eudora/src/nsEudoraImport.cpp:538
8	xul.dll	ImportMailThread	mailnews/import/src/nsImportMail.cpp:844 

bp-40d09923-1711-449b-90e7-0b1d42121111 importing outlook mail
bp-f79a9fff-6a51-448d-8f95-b81582121109 Mac
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