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We should call switch_to_frame() on delete_session() for B2G marionette sessions


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In B2G, if you switch into the browser frame and delete your session, then start a new session, you'll still be in the browser frame. I think it might be a good idea to switch back to the top-most frame (system app) when we delete the running session. Thoughts?
Yes, we should definitely do so either in deleteSession or newSession, in marionette-actors.js.
We should put the device back into a state that if a person starts it up again, and dont have defensive code to put them in a known state which they should anyway, then they can start from a good place.

My gut is to switch it back to where it needs to be on deleteSession() but can be swayed either way.
This is a pretty easy fix; we just reset the current frame pointers to null in deleteSession, in both actors and listeners.  This also fixes a typo in resetValues(), which resets the frame pointer in newSession in listeners.  Will run on try before asking for review.
Duplicate of this bug: 811386
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Reset the current frame in deleteSession,

try run was green
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Update patch to focus default frames
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