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Mozilla documentation regarding E4X deprecation is inconsistent



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Steps to reproduce:

The EX4 doc page says:
" E4X is deprecated. It will be disabled by default for content in Firefox 16, disabled by default for chrome in Firefox 17, and removed in Firefox 18. "

But the Firefox 17 for developers says:
"Disabled E4X for web content by default"

And I see it still working for chrome in release 18.0a2

So... what is it ? 

Actual results:

I got a bit confused...

Expected results:

I should have been enlightened... ;)
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The basic gist of things as far as this goes is that we weren't able to stick exactly to the initially-planned schedule.  E4X is on its way out -- just not on the original 16/17/18 schedule.  I'm not entirely sure what the actual schedule is now, nor do I really know exactly what the schedule we've actually followed thus far is.  CCing someone who knows this better than I do, who can hopefully update the pages you mention to be correct (as far as we know at the current time, at least, modulo schedule slippage).
e4x has now been removed (bug 788293) and now says:  

"Warning: E4X is obsolete. It has been disabled by default for webpages (content) in Firefox 17, disabled by default for chrome in Firefox 20, and will be removed in Firefox 21. Use DOMParser/DOMSerializer or a non-native JXON algorithm instead."

All is well here.
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