gUM - selecting audio and viewing your available devices - all devices are listed as default, not the device name




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1. On a linux OS, go to
2. Select audio with an integrated and USB mic hooked up
3. Select the dropdown menu


Device names should be seen for each input device in the linux special case - we should be doing something similar to chrome here, which on a per input device basis although provides multiple audio devices choices per input device, still gives the name explicitly.


All device names to be selected are listed as default. On Ubuntu 12, this basically makes it impossible to distinguish exactly which device you want to choose to use.
Can you provide a list of what it shows on your system?  clipped screenshot would be ok.  I think my Fedora 17 shows something different

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6 years ago
(In reply to Randell Jesup [:jesup] from comment #1)
> Can you provide a list of what it shows on your system?  clipped screenshot
> would be ok.  I think my Fedora 17 shows something different

The doorhanger prompt basically looked something like:

default (1)
default (2)
default (3)

and so on.

I'll try to get a literal screenshot, but that's high-level what you'll end up seeing.
I get "
Share Microphone: default (1)
Share Microphone: HD webcam 615, USB Audio-default audio device (2)
Share Microphone: HD webcam 615, USB Audio-Front Speakers (3)
Share Microphone: HD webcam 615, USB Audio-4.0 Surround... (4)
Share Microphone: (5)
Share Microphone: (6)
Share Microphone: Intel PCH, ALC658VC Analog-default audio device (7)
Share Microphone: Intel PCH, ALC658VC Analog-Front Speakers (8)
Share Microphone: (9)
Share Microphone: (1)

We get a bunch of log messages from ALSA which imply some devices can't be set up 

So, we likely need to provide default strings (/dev/foo) if none are supplied, not that they're very useful to the user, and make sure those are real, usable devices.
We *could* go out like this (and linux is a small part of our userbase), but it really should be at least improved - p1
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Much of this has been resolved (all called 'default'), but it still shows devices with no names
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It's not a perfect screenshot given that the audio selection menupopup closes when I hit the print button on the keyboard. But the content is still visible even its transparent.

As you can see a couple of items are still empty, and others are totally unclear to me. Whenever I start a call I don't know which of those entries I have to choose from. When I choose e.g. my headset, all audio is still going through the internal speakers and microphone.


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