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Cannot use the device because of a black 'mozilla' screen over the homescreen


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Gonk (Firefox OS)



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Latest Gaia & Gecko 18 build. When I start my Otoro, I can see the homescreen very briefly before the black 'mozilla' screen covers it, thus making the phone unusable.

A quick and dirty workaround is to hide the #initlogo element, see attachment.
The regression appears sometime after 01dce6b0559eacbe9546f2f59105ad78c6020e30.
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Priority: -- → P1
Assignee: nobody → fbsc
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Keywords: otoro
I've tried 10 times in my Otoro and this bug is not happening... I've made:
- make reset-gaia (1)
- see 'mozilla logo black screen' disappears, FTU appears
- Run FTU
- Restart again
- Check that everything works properly.
- Go agan to (1)
Then please use a desktop build, it's much easier to reproduce. All our l10n contributors are complaining about that: as you can guess, it's a complete blocker for them.
I heard about this issue as well, but I can't seem to reproduce.  I've tried gecko 18, 19 and 20 desktop builds.
I've tried with the following:
Desktop build: b2g-20.0a1.en-US.mac64
Gaia: 61fe3087657b27dae854fc2da811c7f2092cb25f

It was impossible for me to reproduce it.
Driving me crazy, stealing the bug :)
Assignee: fbsc → etienne
Thanks [:etienne], because I've tested a lot of times with B2G-18 (downloaded from and in my Mac it's impossible to reproduce :S :S :S (I've tested with B2G-19 & B2G-20 as well, and no black screen...)
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Closed: 8 years ago
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Duplicate of this bug: 814161
This issue fixed for  device Ungia; build #20130103070201 v.1
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