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Update jemalloc 3 to (mostly) 3.2


(Core :: Memory Allocator, defect)

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I'd like to update jemalloc3 to commit 9906660eb7365abb54e4495407ffddb1069ef654, which only differs from the 3.2.0 release with and another patch to the jemalloc profiling feature that we don't enable, so it's essentially a no-op patch.
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Update jemalloc3 to commit 9906660

There's a bug in arenas_extend_ctl that makes it fail to build on windows, and build something very wrong on other platforms.
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This updates to commit 6eb84fbe315add1e1d4f8deedc25d260fff3ae97, but I want for bug 804303, and it's not committed upstream yet.
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Update jemalloc3 to commit 6eb84fb

That can land without for bug 804303 for now. The only impact of not having that patch is there's a possibility of a dead-lock on fork() when building with --enable-replace-malloc *and* running with the libreplace_jemalloc.dylib lib on mac. And that patch actually introduces another more important problem with libreplace_jemalloc.dylib, so all in all, it's not that bad not to land with it.
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Update jemalloc3 to commit 6eb84fb

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User impact if declined: required for bug 804303
Testing completed (on m-c, etc.): baked on m-i/m-c for a few days
Risk to taking this patch (and alternatives if risky): NPOTB
String or UUID changes made by this patch: none
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This didn't apply cleanly to beta, so I didn't push it there.
The base jemalloc version was a different one, but updating only requires changing and running
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Good to know for the future, thanks!
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