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Full website address

Explain the goal and use-case of having web analytics on this website.
- We'd like a better idea of how many people use the press center and how they use it
- Use Case: Tweaking or redesigning our press page to make it more relevant for viewers, based on the stats we receive from Google analytics. 

Do you have requirements to track user interactions on your website?
What we'd like to track:
- a measure of how many people land on each page
- a measure of how they get there (who links to the page?)
- Heatmaps - which sections of the page garner the most attention (measured in time and clicks)

Define the people who should have access to the reports.
Mark LaVine:
Valerie Ponell:
Leslie Nakajima:
Erica Jostedt:
Mike Manning:
Shannon Prior:
Paul Jarratt:
Barbara Hueppe:
Mardi Douglass:
Eric Eitel:
Karolina Shaw:


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I've created a press blog instance in Google Analytics called " (all)" that is the catch-all for all blogs that start with /press. I've added all of the people above and data is currently being collected. You must log into to view the reports. If you cannot log into with your email, please file a service-now request under "Other User Requests" asking for them to reset your Google Apps account.

We are discussing if we need a separate Google Analytics profile for each press blog or if one is suffice for everyone. Give it another 24 hours until data starts to show up in the press blog profile.


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