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B2G Cannot load extensions


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(firefox19 fixed, firefox20 fixed, b2g18 fixed)

B2G C3 (12dec-1jan)
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If you generate your Gaia profile with "DEBUG=1 make" it appears httpd.js doesn't run when you start B2G Desktop, B2G starts but just displays "Unable to connect", there's nothing running on port 8080.

This means Gaia developers must re-build Gaia as packaged apps for every small change they make.

httpd.js starts fine if you run Firefox with the same profile.

Tested with nightly (beta) build of B2G Desktop and the tip of Gaia.
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FWIW, I have several nightly Aurora builds of B2G Desktop for OS X lying around, and httpd.js still works if I revert to an earlier version.

On this one from 2012-11-19, httpd still works:

But, when I update to this one on 2012-11-30, httpd stops working:

And, in -jsconsole, I see these errors:

Trying to copy & paste from jsconsole is crashing B2G Desktop for me right now, sorry for the image.

I'm a little in over my head trying to bisect this issue in b2g-desktop builds, but maybe someone can use the above info as a start.
OK I am fairly sure 811784 breaks us here. The landing range is right and it seems to have causes similar problems in other areas.
Summary: Gaia DEBUG builds not working under B2G Desktop → B2G Cannot load extensions
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I did rm -Rf profile && DEBUG=1 make && ~/path/to/b2g-desktop-objdir/dist/bin/b2g-bin -profile $PWD/profile and that also is working as described in bug 813230 comment 6. Great!
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Will greatly help gaia development we use extensions to load things like httpd.js. We have relied on that functionality for the better part of 5 months now.
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