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widget/gtkxtbin/gtk2xtbin.c:140:3: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type ... (near initialization for ‘xt_event_funcs.finalize’)


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Build warning:
widget/gtkxtbin/gtk2xtbin.c:140:3: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type [enabled by default]

widget/gtkxtbin/gtk2xtbin.c:140:3: warning: (near initialization for ‘xt_event_funcs.finalize’) [enabled by default]

This is for this chunk of code:
> 136 static GSourceFuncs xt_event_funcs = {
> 137   xt_event_prepare,
> 138   xt_event_check,
> 139   xt_event_dispatch,
> 140   g_free,
> 141   (GSourceFunc)NULL,
> 142   (GSourceDummyMarshal)NULL
> 143 };

This code dates back to bug 121615 (its patch: attachment 97117 [details] [diff] [review])

A quick google search shows that GSourceFuncs is declared with its 4th function-ptr needing to have this signature:
>  void     (*finalize) (GSource    *source);

...whereas we're passing g_free, which has this signature:
> void g_free(gpointer mem);

(Note that gpointer is simply a typedef for void*.)

So: GSourceFuncs expects a finalize function that takes a GSource*, but we're giving it a function that takes a void*.  So we're passing the wrong type of function.

We can fix this by just adding a simple wrapper-function that accepts a GSource* and g_free()s it. (and then passing that function-pointer, in place of g_free, in the code quoted above)
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(Side note: It looks like the 2 NULL lines (at lines 141 and 142 in the code quoted above) don't map to anything in the gtk 2.3.1 GSourceFuncs struct-definition that I linked in comment 0... but that doesn't seem to be causing any harm, and I'm guessing it might be there for backwards-compat with an older GTK version)
(In reply to Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] from comment #2)
> (Side note: It looks like the 2 NULL lines [...]

(Ah yes, those are included here:, never mind about those)
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The compiler warning is actually picking up a bug here.

The intention of the finalize method is to allow a derived object to release its resources. e.g.

The memory allocated by g_source_new will be released when the last reference is removed.

The g_free here would currently result in a double free, but that is not happening because the GSource is never unref'ed.  That can be done immediately after attach, as at

Here there are no resources to release, and so finalize can be NULL.
(GDK doesn't bother to cast the NULL - don't know whether our compiler flags would produce a warning with plain NULL.)
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Ah, thanks for noticing that!

Changed the patch to pass NULL and call unref after attaching.
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fix v2

Thanks for reporting and fixing!
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