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Make it possible to pass any TArray (fallible or not) to a const ref taking any other TArray (fallible or not)


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Since if people don't cast away const they can't use the allocator anyway.
Peter, I can understand if you don't want to take this black magic....
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part 1.  Make it possible to use the various-allocator nsTArrays interchangeably as long as you're working with const objects.

> +  // Allow converting to a const array with a different kind of allocator,
> +  // Since the allocator doesn't matter for const arrays

Would you mind changing the second line so it begins with a lower-case letter and ends with a period?

r=me, and thanks for writing a test!
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Part 2, even compiling

> +  // mIsNull MUST COME FIRST because otherwise the casting in our array
> +  // conversion operators would shift where it is found in the struct.
> +  bool mIsNull;
>    T mValue;
> -  bool mIsNull;
>  public:
>    Nullable()
>      : mIsNull(true)
>    {}
> -  Nullable(T aValue)
> +  explicit Nullable(T aValue)
>      : mValue(aValue)
>      , mIsNull(false)

-Werror on tinderbox doesn't like the fact that the initialization list's order doesn't match the order of the members.
Ah, thank you.  Good catch.

I'm being tempted to land part 1 and not worry about part 2, fwiw...
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Part 2, even compiling

r=me, fwiw.  Are you OK if I land these two patches along with bug 819791?
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Yes, go for it!  Three patches, that is, counting your initializer reordering.
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