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Updatable plugin test hits the network


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test18a() tests that the updatable plugin should open up the plugin check page. However it uses the real plugin check page on when it should use a test page created for the purpose, or indeed just some random page that is served as part of the test harnses would do.
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Running locally with wireshark, I see no evidence that this actually does hit the network (the test closes the tab as soon as it opens), but since this is dependent on other behavior that may change in the future, this is probably a good thing to fix. I think the easiest thing to do is what the safe browsing tests do.

bsmedberg - asking for review as you're a build/ peer. Let me know if someone else would be better suited.
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Actually it probably only hits the network for the SeaMonkey version of the plugin test ;) there the test waits for the onshow() event before closing the tab (as the UI works a bit different, so we did it that way).
Can we easily change the URL used for plugin check in the test harness? Looks like it's just a matter of setting plugins.update.url in

That would be preferable to making changes to server-hosts, since that has the potential to affect a bunch of other tests.
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Yes, this seems like an odd choice if it only affects one test. Going to clear the review for now, please rerequest review if changing the pref is not an option for some reason.
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Looks like the correct fix to me, changing the pref does the right thing.
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