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Plugin block request: versions of DivX <= 7.0


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Plugin name: DivX
Plugin versions to block: 7.0 and below
Applications, versions, and platforms affected: Mac OS X, Firefox 18 and above
Block severity: (hard/soft)

How does this plugin appear in about:plugins?

Homepage and other references and contact info:

Reasons: bug 816445
Bug 816445 comment #15 claims these are very old versions of the DivX plugin, so I don't have any objections if that's correct.

Do we support the DivX plugin in the plugin check page?
Virgil can help test the plugin check page with Divx, but I wouldnt' block on that given the volume of crashes.
Assignee: nobody → virgil.dicu
Can someone give me the about:plugins information for this plugin? What I have on my machine is DivX Web Player (DivXBrowserPlugin.plugin), which is only up to version 2.1. Incidentally, this plugin is detected correctly by the plugincheck page.
Bug 816445 comment #12 says:
This happens with an older DivX browser Plugin. It is still available here:

I don't have a mac to get the strings, but that's the one we need to be blocking.
Thank you, Kairo. The installer on that site includes version 1.4 of the same plugin, so I'll stage a block for 1.4 and below.
The block is now staged. It should be functional in about an hour:

Looping in Laura, in case this has any PR implications.
Keywords: qawanted
Attached image DivX block UI
Should the UI refer to add-ons and not plugins?
The rest looks good.
Verified the block in staging on Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8.
Divx Web player - blocked on 18 beta, 19 Aurora, 20 Nightly, works on 17 beta
Divx Web player 2.2 - working successfully after the ping on all channels.
Also used the following page to test with:

Currently the "More information" link leads to nowhere, but I supposed that will change once the block goes live.
The UI is correct. I forgot to set the severity, so it appeared as a hardblock instead of a softblock, but that's just a minor issue. I corrected the block on staging, but I think we're good to go to push it live.
The request was for the plugin, not the extension.
Are you sure blocking the extension will stop crashes?
The plugin is what's being blocked. The UI says add-ons, but you can see from the icon that it is clearly a plugin being blocked.
Pushed to prod:

+SUMO, since they might hear about this.
Assignee: virgil.dicu → jorge
Closed: 12 years ago
Keywords: qawanted
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: → Toolkit
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