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Connection screen stays open after connection but can't be reused


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Bug 817537 removed the previous behavior of the connection screen, which was to close as soon as a connection was made and a toolbox was open. If the intent was to reuse the connection screen by debugging more targets, then the connect.js code needs to change to either not reuse a single DebuggerClient, or have that properly cleaned up only when all toolboxes and the connection window are closed.
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I just made the window close again, no time right now to consider a solution that keeps it open. I also added a separate group for remote processes, foreseeing the support we will get for out-of-process debugging in B2G soon.
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My only gripe now is about the fact that the Connect menuitem is rather buried in the the Web Developer menu, but that's a different bug unrelated to this. Bug 817537 also removed the menu separator because it caused some unexpected issues (addon entries would appear under the same separator), and now I think Connect is pretty easy to miss. Maybe we should move it in the same section as the Toolbox tools are in? Not that important though.
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Good points. I think Connect would fit better right next to the Toggle Toolbox menu item, but that's a patch that will need review from a browser peer, so let's leave it for 2013.
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As usual you shouldn't be doing this kind of changes to strings without changing the key name
Sorry about that.
I think I'll write comment 7 with black permanent marker on my display. Maybe that'll prevent me from forgetting :)
I thought that applies to strings changed after they were uplifted from trunk. This string was only present in trunk for a few days and was never uplifted to aurora. Do we need to worry about the old label even in such cases?
As far as I'm concerned yes. People working on central could not be aware of your change if they worked on the string between the two commits, and that's why reviews should catch these before they land ;-) (I was going to open a bug to understand what the heck was that "Debugger server" anyway).
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