Pictures sometimes don't paint correctly when switching tabs




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In some cases when switching tabs, images in the newly switched-to tab doesn't paint correctly. If part of the image is outside of the viewport, scrolling will correctly paint this part. Likewise, switching to any other tab and then immediately back always seems to fix the problem.

My theory is that the problem is that if an image has been ejected from the decoded-images cache and we are forced to re-decode it, we don't invalidate correctly as the decoded data becomes available. But I don't have much to substantiate that theory, so it could definitely be wrong, or more complex.

I'm trying to find a page where I can reproduce this.
Ok, so I was able to reproduce this:

1. Load
2. Click on the image to make it zoom in (still staying on the same url though).
3. Switch to another tab
4. Browse around a bit
5. Switch back to tab in step 1
Note that after sizing up the the image in step 2, the image will size back down on a timer. You should move on to step 3 before that happens.

Might reproduce even without that, but that seemed to make it happen more reliably.
Another way that I can sometimes reproduce this:

1. command-click
   (i.e. click such that the url opens in a new "background tab").
2. Wait until newly created has finished loading.
3. Switch to newly created tab.
I am unable to reproduce this using either STR. Tested with and without a persona applied.
With all my addons disabled, I can't seem to reproduce this either. I'll try to narrow down which one is causing it.
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