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while testing robocop, I see mention of unknown host exceptions in the logfile


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Not set


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Firefox 21


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The URLs in the recommended-addons.json file were of a scheme no longer supported by AMO. I updated those two URLs in the file to the current 32px URLs.

I also pretty-printed the file to make it easier to edit.

I also updated the Full Screen version to 3.4, the current version.
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This patch appears to have caused a ~1.2 meg regression in startup resident memory usage. Is that expected? See the jan 9 "Start" line data points at
Just from eyeballing the about:memory dumps, core.odex goes up from 1.85 to 2.36 megs, goes up from 0.05mb to 0.37mb. I'll try to come up with a better way to compare the dumps and diagnose these regressions.
I think it could be expected. Previously, for fresh profiles we were using a pre-seed file for showing recommended add-ons that contained 404 URLs. That means the code path that loaded the images for add-ons in about:home fell back to showing the "no image" for the add-ons.

Now, we use real URLs so the code path is exercised. The URLs are https:// so I bet that loads crypto, but I don't know abut core.odex - what is that?

I can try to use http URLs. If it works, I'll post a patch.
I think core.odex just refers to java library code from libcore that ships with android. I guess it corresponds to the java https libraries that also pull in libcrypto.
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