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Not clear how to process "Suspected machine issue" emails


(Release Engineering :: General, defect)

Not set


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: hwine, Unassigned)


filing bug to not loose track of this, since we're currently saying we should ignore this email on

From #mozbuild:
09:25 < hwine> coop: is there anything we should be doing with the "suspected 
               machine issue" emails at this point? (I assume you know about 
               them - from nobody@cruncher)
09:49 <@coop> hwine|buildduty: in theory, we should be checking whether any 
              machines are repeatedly triggering "suspected machine issues," 
              but i don't think we ever do
09:51 < hwine|buildduty> coop: okay - for a n00b, that isn't very actionable. 
                         Is there anything doc'd on that? Like a place where 
                         we'd keep the last month's worth of emails tracked?
09:52 < Callek> coop: I think the messages may also get jumbled with timing of 
                machine x finishes, machine y from an earlier cset then 
                finishes, machine z from newest cset finishes, making it all 
                compare wrongly
09:57 <@coop> Callek: yeah, not sure we've ever vetted the algorithms there
Component: Release Engineering: Machine Management → Release Engineering: Developer Tools
QA Contact: armenzg → hwine
Product: → Release Engineering
Component: Tools → General
Closed: 4 years ago
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