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WebRTC CreateOffer/Answer constraints don't work


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The tests in PeerCOnnectionImpl.cpp for the constraints objects appear wrong.
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Fix type tests for constraints objects

My reading is that simply foo.isObject() is appropriate for this (from the comments above this patch), and will not trigger for null or undefined.

 * Constraints look like this:
 * {
 *    "mandatory": {"foo":"hello", "bar": false, "baz": 10},
 *    "optional": [{"hello":"foo"}, {"baz": false}]
 * }
 * Optional constraints are ordered, and hence in an array. This function
 * converts a jsval that looks like the above into a MediaConstraints object.
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Fix type tests for constraints objects

So do we have any tests for this stuff? We certainly should.
Also, would be good to investigate if WebIDL dictionaries could be used here. Would be better to try to avoid use of 
JS API and just use generated code if possible.
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I'll open a bug for constraints tests - we certainly need them.  The WG is still defining them, which adds to the fun, but we should test them as we add support.  First we need a framework.
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