Persist that a system update is happening to be able to resume it after a reboot



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see bug 819548 comment 19: we should persist that a system update has not finished to trigger it again after a reboot.

- persist when we begin the download
- persist when the update is applied

At init, if we notice a system update has not finished, we trigger a check for update to display the notification to the user.

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6 years ago
blocker of a bb+ bug.

However this may need a product decision on whether we need this for v1 (see bug 819548 comment 20). IMHO this is not very difficult and would be nice to have, but this may be late.
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WIP: What I did to make this work

As part of bug 813770 I originally had this solution, but I was concerned due to the length of time it takes to apply a full patch (one or two minutes) and the phone looks completely dead while this is happening.

I think that this solution might be acceptable if there was some type of animation to indicate what's going on and perhaps the ability to cancel.

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6 years ago
If I understand correctly, your patch is about doing the uncompressing phase. But I'm also concerned about the downloading phase...

Actually the more I think of this, the more I think the solution with setting a setting though SettingService (in bug 819548) is good. This (existing) setting basically makes gaia trigger a checkForUpdates at startup.

So I think I'll close this bug for now and work on Bug 819548 instead.

Thanks Dave !
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