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Remove an ability to set higher JS versions via language attribute


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The language attribute is obsolete in HTML5 and "JavaScript" is the only speced value. It is ignored when the type attribute is present.
IE and Opera doesn't support language="JavaScript1.6" to  language="JavaScript1.8". Chrome recognize the language="JavaScript1.6" and language="JavaScript1.7", but no language extensions are enabled.
XUL doesn't support the language attribute, so it should have no add-on impact.
No in-tree consumers use the language attribute to enable language extensions.
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Get rid of the outparam, please.
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Removed the useless outparam.
According to the comment, the language attribute already lost the ability in HTML.

> XUL doesn't support the language attribute
And it looks like it was wrong.
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I've added this bug to the compatibility doc. Please correct the info if I'm wrong.
(In reply to Kohei Yoshino from comment #6)
> I've added this bug to the compatibility doc. Please correct the info if I'm
> wrong.

The language attribute in HTML used to ignore the JS version before this bug. This bug is just a cleanup for Web pages.
On the other hand, XUL language attribute has changed the behavior. Therefore, this is a add-on compatibility bug (not site compatibility).
Oh, Okay. Removed this bug from the document.
Keywords: addon-compat
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