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Refactor Data Choices preferences pane for bug 828829


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We're changing some APIs around in bug 828829 that will require some modifications to the "data choices" preferences pane to make it work in the new world.
Current version of the patch. Holding off until the API is settled in bug 828829.

glandium: please approve the change. Before, we had a number of places in XUL code where we effectively did an "if MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING | MOZ_SERVICES_HEALTHREPORT | MOZ_CRASHREPORTER". I felt this was sufficiently repeated and would be creating engineering debt and potential for incomplete updates when this set was modified. So, I created a new AC_DEFINE for it. Unification FTW. Please bikeshed about naming. Essentially we're trying to capture "does this build of application X have the ability to automatically submit any metrics data to Mozilla?"
Assignee: nobody → gps
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Attached patch Refactor pref pane, v2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
dolske gets /browser review. rnewman gets FHR specific behavior.
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Refactor pref pane, v2

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r+ on these diffs.

Not sure where some of this code comes from (it's not in m-c, nor bug 828829), but at long as it got reviewed somewhere that's fine. The changes here are basic.
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I changed the open_preferences() helper to wait on "Initialized" otherwise there is a race condition on "load" between init_all() in the preferences pane and the test runner. Locally things passed just fine! Hopefully it holds on all platforms on TBPL.
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Refactor pref pane, v3

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See approval request in bug 804745.
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Refactor pref pane, v3
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