Hide ParisBinding's SomeDictionaryInit(JSContext* aCx, ...) from non-autogenerated code?

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As far as I see, Init() is a bit error prone. Nothing guarantees correct compartment.
So, might be better to use the current Init only in auto-generated code, and
add another Init for manual use. That new one should enter to the right compartment.

(Of course one shouldn't use Init manually, but not everything is converted to WebIDL yet)
Are we talking about WebIDL dictionaries, or some other Init()?
Oops :) Dictionaries yes.
Summary: Hide ParisBinding's XXXInit(JSContext* aCx, ...) from non-autogenerated code? → Hide ParisBinding's SomeDictionaryInit(JSContext* aCx, ...) from non-autogenerated code?

So one problem is that I have no idea how to hide a member like that, short of making it private and making all the generated functions that use it friends...
What about just naming it InitInternal or some such to hint that it shouldn't be used normally,
and provide safer Init which does the compartment stuff etc.
Ah, we could do that, yes.

That said, the only compartment thing going on is that cx, scopeObj, and val all need to be same-compartment, right?  I guess the concern is C++ consumers that will pass in a wrong-compartment scopeObj?  Or are we worried about cx not matching val too?
So I guess what we could do is enter the compartment of scopeObj (assuming it's non-null) and then JS_WrapValue the val....

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