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Gaia apps that need memory card tell the user to just "Unplug the phone", with no mention of safe removal


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 1. Enable USB Mass Storage
 2. Connect phone to a computer. 
 3. Launch Camera or Gallery or Video or Music apps.

 A dialog saying something like (e.g. for Music app):
> Music Can Not Be Used While Phone Is Plugged In
> ---
> Unplug the phone to play music.

Dialog should tell user to dismount, or "safely remove", or "eject" the phone _and then unplug it_.

Right now, the directions we're giving the user are unsafe, and will potentially cause data loss and/or filesystem corruption on the SD card.

Supposing that the user has just transferred files back and forth (which is likely, because they've connected it to their computer), then they stand a serious risk of data loss and/or filesystem corruption if they directly follow our dialog's instructions and just "unplug the phone".  (Desktop operating systems sometimes don't finalize their writes to external devices until they're forced to, and the "safe removal" option is what prompts them to do that.)
OS: Linux → Gonk (Firefox OS)
Hardware: x86_64 → ARM
Summary: Gaia apps that need memory card tell the user to "Unplug the phone" - no mention of safe removal → Gaia apps that need memory card tell the user to just "Unplug the phone", with no mention of safe removal
Keywords: late-l10n
Component: Gaia → Gaia::Music
Note: I'm assuming the Gaia::Music reclassification was because my STR & screenshot involved the Music app.  However, per comment 0, this affects a bunch of apps -- I just used "Music" as an example -- that's why I filed this as Gaia instead of Gaia:[some-app].

The relevant string is actually near-duplicated in several apps' en-US localizations:
> apps/gallery/locales/  = Unplug the phone to use this app.
> apps/system/camera/locales/  = Unplug the phone to view pictures.
> apps/camera/locales/  = Unplug the phone to view pictures.
> apps/music/locales/  = Unplug the phone to play music.
> apps/video/locales/  = Unplug the phone to watch videos.

Any fix for this would need to fix all of those instances of the string, rather than just one -- so I'm pulling this back out of Gaia::Music into Gaia. Feel free to revert if it's still better-classified under a specific app for some reason, though.
Component: Gaia::Music → Gaia
blocking-b2g: tef? → -
One more instance of this:
> apps/settings/locales/ USB cable to disable

(That one is displayed when you uncheck the "USB mass storage enabl..." checkbox while the device is connected to a computer.)
Josh can you weigh in on a US priority for this one?
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Good catch, Daniel. I wrote those strings originally, so I'll take the blame for this one ;)

I like "Eject and disconnect the phone . . .". It conveys that the process has two separate steps; one software, one physical.
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Tracking then, will take a fix in v1-train if low risk.
100% agree with this one. We're risking corrupting files with the current language.
Keywords: late-l10n
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: 2 years ago
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