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remove "downloads/destinationFileName" annotation


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Not a blocker for the feature, though would bring a small perf gain on opening the view.

We actually don't seem to need this annotation since we can extract the filename from "downloads/destinationFileURI"
Now that bug 826991 is fixed we no longer use this annotation.

Remaining work:
 * Don't set it in the back-end.
 * DB migration

This is defiantly trunk material, as it won't provide any performance gain.
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This builds, but I haven't tested it at all.

And we need a test.
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As I said on IRC, I think a schema migration is excessive, we can just reuse PlacesDBUtils here
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the history.cpp changes look good
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Must update

::: toolkit/components/places/PlacesDBUtils.jsm
@@ +293,1 @@
>        ")");

This is broken due to missing string concatenation "+" (test_preventive_maintenance.js would have noticed this and fail)
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The original purpose of the "downloads/destinationFileName" annotation was to
support native database text search on historical downloads, like we do for
history page titles when a query is specified in the Library text box. The
"downloads/destinationFileURI" annotation cannot be used for that purpose
because it is URI-encoded and would fail badly with high Unicode code points.

If we don't plan to do that optimization, but always filter after querying all
the downloads (I don't actually know how complicated it would be to implement
that optimized search on the current view code), then I agree that we don't
need that annotation anymore, it just increases database size.
annotation values are not searchable, we can evaluate better solution when we figure how to make it searchable. Since we can rebuild this data at any time from fileuri it's not a big deal.
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I will just address my comments and land Mano's patch.
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Bug 830291 - remove "downloads/destinationFileName" annotation.
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remove "downloads/destinationFileName" annotation. r=mak
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