run fuzzer on ASAN builds during idle times



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6 years ago
2 months ago


(Reporter: joduinn, Assigned: decoder)


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Spinning out from bug#753148.

Per :decoder, he'd like to run fuzzers on these ASAN builds as part of the usual set of idle-time fuzzer jobs. Spinning out this bug to figure out what is wanted, and then do it.

Comment 1

6 years ago
Probably a misunderstanding here, it's not me who would run these, but Jesse (it's only about running domfuzz right now, afaik). I'm not sure what his plans are but as far as I remember, he wanted to run idle-time fuzzer jobs with ASan builds on RelEng once the builds are there :)

Ccing Jesse to find out what's necessary to do here :)
Both domfuzz and jsfunfuzz are being run now. The driver script,, chooses randomly between the two. They are currently being run on regular non-ASAN builds.

For reference, the script for the current usual set of idle-time fuzzer jobs is located here:
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Note the dependency for this landed.
Is there anything for RelEng to do here? Or can you guys adjust to use ASAN builds as well?
(In reply to Chris AtLee [:catlee] from comment #4)
> Is there anything for RelEng to do here? Or can you guys adjust to
> use ASAN builds as well?

I bet Gary knows :)
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Jesse is probably a better option - he works more with Firefox binaries these days, and I *think* the ASAN ones as well.
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Comment 7

5 years ago
For Linux I need a fix for bug 855881 (or bug 628573?).

For Mac I need fixes for bug 923916, bug 937582, and bug 935795.
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5 years ago
Depends on: 937830


2 years ago
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