should accept a --quiet param and pass it to dblatex when provided




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Details is currently pretty noisy when run from a cron job to rebuild the website.  Every time someone commits a change to the docs we get spewage of output in an email to webmaster.  All of this output comes from the dblatex command when building the pdf file.

dblatex recently added a --quiet parameter which silences all non-error output, and the site build server has been upgraded to the version that contains it.  Some of that output is actually useful if you're building the docs by hand (deprecation warnings and progress, etc) so we should make it optional (and thus add a flag to itself and pass it through instead of just arbitrarily adding it to the dblatex call).

This should be committed on every branch that we still rebuild docs for on the website.

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6 years ago
Only Bugzilla 4.4 and newer use dblatex, see bug 423496. Previously, we were using pdfjadetex, which was *much* more verbose (and slower) than dblatex.
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Aha, so I guess this only affects 4.4 and newer... and must be why I never get more then two chunks of output - they'd be 4.4 and trunk.  So just needs to be fixed on those two I guess.
We now have a --with-pdf which makes the PDFs, using pdflatex if installed, falling back to rst2pdf if installed. But by default, we only make HTML and TXT. So I think we don't need a --quiet now.

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