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[Browser] Search Suggestions


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Build Identifier: 20130116230203
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On Desktop, search suggestions are supported, so we should consider supporting search suggestions on Firefox OS too.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Would like to have, but not on 1.x branch.
User story: As a user I would like to get search suggestions as I type so that I can save time by not having to type out my entire search query.
Summary: Support search suggestions → [Browser] Search Suggestions
Whiteboard: c=browser u=user
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: c=browser u=user → c=browser u=user, UX P1
Flags: needinfo?(ibarlow)
Keywords: uiwanted
From bug 889577

"As a user when I am surfing the web, the Firefox OS browser should be offered search suggestions based off the selected search provider so that I may easily and quickly navigate to the search results page for my query.

*Users do not have the option to add their own search provider
*Product/Legal are working on partnerships with other search providers"
A Pivotal Tracker story has been created for this Bug:
Ian - can you re-use the search suggestions spec for Fennec for this bug?
There was actually already some design work done specifically for FxOS here -- page 10 of this doc
Flags: needinfo?(ibarlow)
awesome - so to be clear, they can start with this spec for developing this feature now? or do you expect any changes to this (barring any discussion DURING development)
Yep, should be good to start here!
Brad - flinging this over the fence to see if it is sprint-ready from your perspective.
Flags: needinfo?(blassey.bugs)
Assignee: nobody → dale
Flags: needinfo?(blassey.bugs)
Keywords: uiwanted
Whiteboard: c=browser u=user, UX P1 → c=browser u=user, UX P1 [sprintready]
Assignee: dale → nobody
Assignee: nobody → bfrancis
Note: The UX spec we're using is the section marked "not in scope" in with the possible exception of page 13.
Work in progress patch, currently just prints content of search suggestions to the console.

Also fixes bug 908927.

Shelving this until we get more clarity on search requirements for 1.2.
Whiteboard: c=browser u=user, UX P1 [sprintready] → c=browser u=user, UX P1 [sprintready][UCID: Browser2, FT:Browser, KOI:P2]
Whiteboard: c=browser u=user, UX P1 [sprintready][UCID: Browser2, FT:Browser, KOI:P2] → c=browser u=user, UX P1 [sprintready][UCID: Browser4, FT:Browser, KOI:P2]
Whiteboard: c=browser u=user, UX P1 [sprintready][UCID: Browser4, FT:Browser, KOI:P2] → c=browser u=user, UX P1 [sprintready][UCID:Browser4, FT:Browser, KOI:P2]
I am working towards getting what you need via BD. Will keep you posted with timeframe, although not positive we'll be able to get this in time for 1.2.
Assignee: bfrancis → nobody
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Closing since search suggestions added as part of Rocket Bar/Browser in 2.1.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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