We should have a notification that a system update is ready to apply, if the user choses "later"



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5 years ago
* have a system update
* start and finish the download for this system update
=> we get the "system update ready" prompt
* chose later

* we have a notification in the Utility Tray that the user could tap on to display the "system update ready" prompt

* nothing is displayed, the update will be applied next time the phone is rebooted

This would break the "one notification for update" paradigm so I'm asking for Josh's advice here.

I'd say (as I say in Bug 831701 comment 26) that we should not have any "new system update" notification until one previous system update was not installed so we would not have say one notification with "system update ready to apply" and one notification with "hey, we have a new system update".


5 years ago
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shira? ---> leo? - leo would target something like this. shira should be very very very minor changes that are partner requirements. leo can take bigger changes. You could get this tracked, however.
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Hi Julien, let's keep the current implementation. We need to remember how intrusive update requests can be. I am concerned that we're already being quite forceful with our v1 update prompts, and want to pull back a bit. If a user taps "Later", we're fine with the notification clearing from the Notifications Center and the update being applied silently at startup.

We _may_ want to add a small message that explains that approach. The user taps "Later", the prompt closes, the notification is removed from the Notification Center.... and a banner appears saying "System update will be applied at startup" (or some such, verbiage TBD). But even that can wait until v2, IMO.

Does that make sense?
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Comment 3

5 years ago
I'm fine with everything waiting for leo.

And it even seems that Dave has a fix for that in Bug 831701 anyway.
Minusing based on j-carp's comments.

Did bug 831701 fix this?
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Comment 5

5 years ago
AFAIK Dave removed this part from the fix to Bug 831701.
I tested this out this morning and what I see is that if I choose Later then the update still shows in the notification area.

Tapping on the update pretty much immediately brings up the "System Update Ready" dialog with the Later/Install Now.

Part of this is due to bug 819548 and part of this is from bug 831701 (lines 184-191 of UpdatePrompt.js)
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So I'm going to go ahead and close this as WORKSFORME since the other bugs mentioned in comment 6 already fix the problem.
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