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Enable EV for Thawte ECC root


(NSS :: CA Certificate Root Program, task)

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(Whiteboard: [ca-verifying] - EV)


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Steps to reproduce:

I would like to add the EV bit to this root that is already in Mozilla's trust list:
thawte Primary Root CA - G2 (SHA384withECC)

This root should also have Websites (SSL/TLS) and Code Signing set.
I apologize for the delay in my response. My work on root inclusion requests was postponed for a while.

I am accepting this bug, and will work on it as soon as possible, but I have a large backlog.

I will update this bug when I begin the Information Verification phase.
Ever confirmed: true
The websites and code signing trust bits are already enabled for this root.

So I think this request is for EV enablement of an ECC root.
thawte Primary Root CA - G2 (SHA384withECC)
Summary: Update trust bits for existing Thawte ECC root → Enable EV for Thawte ECC root
Whiteboard: EV
Request is to EV-enable an already included root cert.

CA needs to complete EV testing before we can continue with this request.
Whiteboard: EV → EV - Information incomplete
Completed testing, but no green bar. Here's the contents of the ev test file:

1_fingerprint AA:DB:BC:22:23:8F:C4:01:A1:27:BB:38:DD:F4:1D:DB:08:9E:F0:12
2_readable_oid 2.16.840.1.113733. 3_issuer MIGEMQswCQYDVQQGEwJVUzEVMBMGA1UEChMMdGhhd3RlLCBJbmMuMTgwNgYDVQQLEy8oYykgMjAwNyB0aGF3dGUsIEluYy4gLSBGb3IgYXV0aG9yaXplZCB1c2Ugb25seTEkMCIGA1UEAxMbdGhhd3RlIFByaW1hcnkgUm9vdCBDQSAtIEcy
4_serial NfwmXNmET8k9Jj1Xm67XVg==

Site Tested for
Attached file test_ev_roots.txt
Attached image Bug833998.PNG
Attached the test_ev_root file and Green bar screenshot from QA testing.
Hi Kathleen, are you waiting for anything else from us on this ticket?
In the attached document search for "NEED" to find the information that is still needed.

Please review the full document to make sure it is accurate and complete, and comment in this bug to provide corrections and the additional requested information.
Depends on: 1229445
Assignee: kwilson → awu
Whiteboard: EV - Information incomplete → [ca-verification] - EV
Whiteboard: [ca-verification] - EV → [ca-verifying] - EV
Product: → NSS
Closing as WONTFIX, per etc.
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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