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Plugins in chrome content should not be click-to-play


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Steps to reproduce:

I have an extension using java (RecipeFox: When Oracle raised the security level to High in java 7 update 11 it worked fine, because java popped up a dialog requesting to run java in chrome://browser... But when Mozilla later moved the java 7 update 11 plugin to the Click-to-Play list, it doesn't work anymore.

Is there any way to enable java in extensions while it is in the Click-to-Play list?
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I assume this addon is not inserting Java into the page, but instead using an embed/object in some background element?

I guess for such things we should be able to differentiate whether it's in-page or in some addon-/browser-specific element and probably assume user-trust there (i.e. not block it).
Yes, I'm using an embedded java object as suggest here:

after the java keyword was dropped in Firefox 16.

Ever confirmed: true
nsObjectLoadingContent::ShouldPlay / ShouldPreview could be bypassed for chrome content.

In the meantime, with chrome privileges you should be able to force the plugin to play with:

> obj.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsIObjectLoadingContent).playPlugin()

Similarly, you can test to see if CTP/Preview is blocking your object by querying pluginFallbackType:
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Jorge, just wanted you to be aware of this one in case you wanted to mention it somewhere in "for developers" or in other extension-developer channels.
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I tried with the playPlugin():
> obj.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsIObjectLoadingContent).playPlugin()

and it is working fine. Thank you for the help.
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Summary: Using Java in extensions with Click-to-Play enabled → Plugins in chrome content should not be click-to-play
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