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Avoid fragmenting cache files on MacOSX


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Bug #816642 didn't fix the issue on MacOSX because of Tp5 regression.
I've compared tpn results on MacOSX for

1) no fallocate -
2) mozilla::fallocate as defined for XP_MACOSX -
3) mozilla::fallocate as defined for XP_UNIX -

Average tp5n_shutdown_paint of (1) and (3) are the same. There is 65-90% increase in case of (2).

I've also tried to skip contiguous allocation in mozilla::fallocate:

1) no fallocate -
2) unchanged mozilla::fallocate -
3) only non-continuous allocation in mozilla::fallocate -

The increase of tp5n_shutdown_paint is smaller by 10-15% in case of (3) when compared to (2) but it is still a huge regression.
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I think the problem may be that we are allocating space twice. 
Can you do another try run with only
-  int fd = PR_FileDesc2NativeHandle(aFD);
-  fstore_t store = {F_ALLOCATECONTIG, F_PEOFPOSMODE, 0, aLength};
-  // Try to get a continous chunk of disk space
-  int ret = fcntl(fd, F_PREALLOCATE, &store);

I don't trust the XP_UNIX branch on osx. It's still likely to allocate poorly, so i'd rather not do fallocate if that's our only option on osx.
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touch each block of preallocated space instead of calling fcntl(..., F_PREALLOCATE, ...)

removing review until another try run gives us more data
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no fallocate:

Average tp5n_shutdown_paint values are:

             OSX 10.6  10.7  10.8
no fallocate      418   345   241
F_ALLOCATEALL     728   647   420
F_ALLOCATECONTIG  752   701   400
Thanks, looks like we can't use osx fallocate stuff as long as we block on it. This is too bad since osx is worst at this.
(In reply to Taras Glek (:taras) from comment #5)
> Thanks, looks like we can't use osx fallocate stuff as long as we block on
> it. This is too bad since osx is worst at this.

Michal, I feel that unless we do a telemetry field trial via telemetry to see if cache performance is better with XP_UNIX fallback, we should keep not using fallocate of any sort on mac. When I did my testing the F_ALLOCATE* stuff was much more likely to lay stuff out usefully on disk.

I think time would be better spent on getting rid of blockfiles altogether. So lets WONTFIX this bug.
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